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The Impact of Technological Developments in Construction

Technological advances have permeated the construction industry at a much slower rate compared to other industries. However, growing developments in 2016 and 2017 have improved aspects such as safety, accountability, and financial efficiency on the job site. While adoption of emerging technology has been a gradual process, there are some distinct introductions that have already […]

Four Growing Commercial Construction Trends To Watch in 2021

With 2021 well on its way, construction professionals are identifying new and growing industry trends that will shape the remaining year and set the stage for 2022. Despite an overall underwhelming growth in 2020, the Dodge Data & Analytics team has projected an optimistic 5% growth for the upcoming year. What will this growth look […]

3 Common Myths About Construction

Myth #1: I can do my own general contracting. Navigating the commercial construction industry requires years of involvement and significant technical understanding. Does this mean that general contractors have an exhaustive understanding of every trade? No, definitely not to the same degree that subcontractors do. However, there is a reason general contractors are required to […]